Chicken Parmigiana Jaffle


In Australia toasted sandwiches with sealed edges are called jaffles and sandwich toasters makers, which are now electric, are called jaffle irons. These are named after the original jaffle iron, which was a long-handled hinged iron implement for toasting sandwiches in a campfire.

Ingredients: [‘chicken breasts’, ‘tomato paste’, ‘bread’, ‘cheese’, ‘ham’, ‘butter’]

Quantity of Ingredients: [“120 g chicken breasts”,”1 1/2 teaspoons tomato paste”,”4 slices bread”,”2 slices cheese”,”30 g ham, sliced “,” butter or margarine, to coat “]

Number of Servings: 1

Steps: [‘Plug in the sandwich maker to heat up.’, ‘In a small frypan fry chicken until cooked. Cut chicken into slices.’, ‘Spread butter onto one side of the bread and tomato paste onto the other.’, ‘Place 2 of these bread slices into the jaffle maker, butter side down. Top with chicken, cheese and ham.’, ‘Place remaining slices of bread on top, paste side facing into the chicken filling.’, ‘Cook in jaffle maker until browned to your liking.’]

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