Ancho Chiles With Seafood Filling


I came across these stuffed chilie appetizers and thought they sounded delicous and plan on making them soon. Recipe source: Bon Appetit (May 1984)

Ingredients: [‘dried ancho chiles’, ‘rice wine vinegar’, ‘peanut oil’, ‘dried oregano’, ‘pepper’, ‘salt’, ‘peanut oil’, ‘onion’, ‘green onion’, ‘shrimp’, ‘crabmeat’, ‘pimento stuffed olive’, ‘raisins’, ‘garlic cloves’, ‘cumin’, ‘pepper’, ‘salt’]

Quantity of Ingredients: [“24 dried ancho chiles”,”1 cup rice wine vinegar”,”1/3 cup peanut oil”,”1 tablespoon dried oregano”,”1 teaspoon pepper”,”1/4 teaspoon salt”,”1/2 cup peanut oil”,”1 onion, minced “,”1 green onion, white and green parts minced seperately “,”1 lb shrimp, peeled and chopped “,”1/2 lb crabmeat, shredded “,”3/4 cup pimento stuffed olive, chopped “,”1/4 cup raisins”,”4 garlic cloves, minced “,”1/4 teaspoon cumin, ground “,”1 teaspoon pepper”,” salt”]

Number of Servings: 24

Steps: [‘Soften chilies in hot water for 15 minutes. Drain. Slit down center and discard seeds. Drain again. Combine chilies with next 5 ingredients (vinegar – 1/4 teaspoon salt). Let stand 2 hours at room temperature. Drain.’, ‘Heat oil in a skillet over low heat. Add minced white onion and white part of green onion, cover and cook for 10 minutes or until translucent. Add remaining ingredients except for pepper, green onion tops and salt and cook for 3 minutes or until shrimp is pink. Remove from heat.’, ‘Stir in the remaining ingredients (pepper, green onion tops and salt). Cool to room temperature.’, ‘Spoon filling into chilies and arrange on a platter. Serve at room temperature.’]

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